Camden Conference

"Last month, the PCHS Camden Conference Seminar course was pleased to host two virtual guest speakers as part of its preparation for this year's conference topic, "The Arctic: A Region in Peril."

On December 7th, Mr. Alden Gregory, PCES teacher, shared a variety of images, videos, and facts learned from his 2019 trip to the Svalbard Archipelago as part of Novatus Energy's ClimateForce: Arctic expedition. Among the many topics covered during his presentation were geoengineering, carbon pricing initiatives, biomass management, and the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as actionable steps for individuals who want to become more involved or aware of Arctic issues.

On December 16th, Dr. Susana Hancock shared indigenous music and practices, personal photographs, and recent Arctic political history of interest based upon her time living and working professionally in Fennoscandia (northern Norway and Finland) and as a graduate assistant in Iceland on subglacial volcanoes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Moreover, Dr. Hancock was able to speak about her path from a small fishing community on the coast of Maine to becoming a Rhodes Scholar and international policy scholar and what opportunities exist for motivated students from throughout our state.

Both speakers were dynamic and engaging, and we were grateful for their help in preparing for the virtual conference this February. 

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