March 20, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope you are well. By now, you know that we will not be in session physically until April 27th.  As a staff, we are creating a Distance Learning Program to continue education for our children. 

In the days ahead, you can expect:

  1. New learning materials will be either delivered or ready for pick up with the new packets starting on March 30th. These materials include math workbooks, possible reading material, supplies, and/or hands-on materials. 
    1. If the bus stops at your house normally, then food and/or packets will be delivered. If you normally transport your child, then please call (876-4301) before coming to school to pick up the packets so we can have them ready. 
    2. To ensure safety for everyone, all materials are bagged and set aside for a 3-day decontamination period.  Gloves will be used during delivery.
    3. Please ONLY return the work that needs to be corrected and be sure the work is in the folder or bundled, as it will be bagged and set aside for the 3-day period. Completed work must be dropped off at school.Put the bundled work in the bin provided. Also, double check that your child’s name is on all work.
  2. We are moving quickly to increase our online presence. Teachers are creating digital avenues such as:
    1. Learning resources on the internet;
    2.  YouTube Channels to teach and explain new material; 
    3. Google Voice accounts so they can call or text with you if email doesn’t work; and
    4. Google Classrooms or Seesaw accounts so you can easily find material and/or email assessments.

If you need Internet or if your Internet is slow, we recommend calling your cell phone company to add a hotspot and/or more data. Vouchers may be available. If you need one, explain that you have children at home who need to access distance learning.  Please know if you have no access, we will continue to support with packets to the best of our ability.

We want to stay connected with you as much as possible. I will continue to work from school, as will the office staff. Additionally, our teachers are reaching out to each student to assist in anyway possible.  You may want to make a list of questions about the resources, assignments, and assessments and/or ask for suggestions about teaching strategies.  

Let’s hope we’re back at school soon. Meanwhile, feel free to call 876-4301. Stay safe out there!

Best Always,

Anita Wright, P.C.E.S. Principal