Camden Conference

PCHS Camden Conference Seminar students were pleased to attend the 2020 Camden Conference at the University of Southern Maine campus in Portland from 02-21-2020 through 02-23-2020. They joined over 1000 fellow attendees, including students from eleven other Maine high schools, to view the live-stream lectures, participate in group discussions and networking sessions,  and to pose questions during Q-and-A sessions with the featured speakers.  

This year's conference, The Media Revolution: Changing the World, presented expert journalists and academics from all over the world who discussed the role of New Media in contemporary society, local and international politics, and the global economy. Opinions were diverse, disagreements were civil, and the amount of new information to learn was impressive. The weekend also included a visit to the Portland Museum of Art and the Southworth Planetarium.

Having now been to the Conference, PCHS students will go on write formal policy essays for submission to a statewide contest as well as create individual capstone projects based upon their learning over the course of the year.

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