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Staff Directory
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Anita Wright
Asst. Principal/ District Technology Director
 Jessica Dunton
District Technology Coordinator    Jonathan Sailer
District Special Ed. Coordinator   
Nicki Greene
District Athletic Director
 Joseph Gallant
Jason Schriver
Esther Jones
Debbie Crockett
Special Ed Secretary
 Laurie Hanscom
District School Nurse   Wendy Viera
District Library Media Specialist   
 Kathy Jarret
Pre-K Teacher
Lindsay Panciera
K Teachers
Amy Kelley

Cynthia Quimby
Grade 1 Teacher Heidi Hall
Grade 1 Teacher
Kerri Pulkkinen
Grade 1 Teacher                Courtney Mann
Grade 2 Teacher
Melissa Stearns
Grade 2 Teacher  Dana Webber
Grade 3 Teacher Alicia Laweryson
Grade 3 Teacher

Holly-Lee Bell
Grade 4 Teachers
Lori Kurzius

  Beth Weymouth
Grade 5 Teacher Virginia Arthers
Grade 5/6 Teachers   Alden Gregory
    Peggy Cleaves

  Julie Bernier
Grade 6 Teacher Emily Chadbourne
Grade 7/8 Teachers
  Brenda Post
  Trisha Moulton
  Robyn Rich
  Ann Dall
Phys Ed/Health Teacher   Brian Gaw
Art Teacher   Mark Arthers
Music Teacher   Evan Viera
Sp. Education Teachers   Nora Foss
    Jenifer Goulette
    Jennifer Atkinson
  Jessica Ellis
Interventionist K-3
  Eva Priest
Math Interventionist
 Sarah Curtis
Speech Pathologist   Bethany Worster
Asst. Speech Pathologist   Craig Stutzman
Occupational Therapist  Erica Strout
Title I   Rochelle Titcomb
    Nancy Jordan
    Lisa Richardson
Ed. Tech III Cori Todd

  Sara Smith-Criss
  Carla Porter
Ed. Tech II   Tracy Santos
  Eva Schnurr
  Sara Adams

 Sonya True
  Holly Higgins
  Rebecca Gaw
  Paulita Harmon 
Ed. Tech II Librarian   Gail Burdin
Ed. Tech IA
  Deborah Bachelder
    Denise Capraro
  Cindy Cooley
  Theresa Cupero

  Jade Grenier
  Amanda Kain
  Vicki McKenney
    Jodi O'Connell
  Lindy Warren
Custodians   Nelda Williams
    Tammy Kelley
    Loretta Knaut
Food Services:
         Head Cook
 Lori Gilbert 
Stacey Herrick

  Susan Emery

PCES Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Maine School Immunization Requirements Rule

    Maine School Immunization Requirements Rule

    On December 20, 2016, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education revised the Maine School Immunization Requirements rule. The changes further align Maine’s immunization rules with current national recommendations and serve to better protect the health of all Maine people. The following two changes were made:

    -Effective immediately, the expulsion period for varicella disease (chicken pox) has increased from 16 to 21 days. This means that if a case of chicken pox is confirmed in your school and exclusions are recommended, any child who has not provided proof of immunization or history of disease will be unable to attend school or any school related activity for 21 days after symptom onset of the LAST case.

    -Effective for the 2017-2018 school year, all students entering, advancing, or transferring into seven grade will need to receive one dose of Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis) vaccine before attendance is allowed. This Tdap requirement is for 7th grade students only, students in grades 8-12 are not required, but it is highly recommended.

    You can find the link to the rule (Chapter 126/261) here: https://mainedoenews.net/2017/01/05/revisions-to-chapter-126-261-regulation/

    Please keep this in mind as you take your student to the doctor between now and September. The doctor’s office can fax an updated immunization record to the school at 876-4628. In summary, if your student who will be entering 7th grade in September does not have an updated Dtap on record, he/she will not be able to begin the school year.

    Wendy Viera, RN 

    Posted Mar 28, 2019, 10:03 AM by Roxanne Chase
  • Weather Station at PCES
    Rochelle Titcomb received a grant from the Perloff Family Foundation for a weather station project. We now have a really nice new working weather station on the PCES roof. A web cam will also go up there in the future.

    If you'd like to check out the current weather, you can check it out here on Rainwise:

    Or here on Weather Underground:

    Posted Jul 29, 2019, 7:34 AM by Roxanne Chase
  • School Supply Lists
    Here are the updated grade level school supply lists for the 19-20 school year.
    August 1, 2019

    Posted Aug 1, 2019, 8:43 AM by Roxanne Chase
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