SAD #4 Demo Observation/Evaluation System Information
Information for Demo OOB/RSU 23 Marshall Plan system is at the bottom of the page.
You need either Filemaker Go 13 for iPad (free) or Filemaker version 13 for Mac or Windows to access this file. If you do not have Filemaker 13 for Mac or Windows, click here to get a free trial version.

To access the demo sandbox, you need the following information:

Server Address:
Database Name: Observation_Demo

If you are using the Filemaker Desktop Client you access the server by opening Filemaker, go to the File menu and click Open Remote.  Add as a host and open the file named Observation_Demo. Use the IDs and passwords listed below to access the database.

remote setup window
If you are using Filemaker Go on an iPad, you need to click on the + stack next to Remote Files and Hosts area in the top right hand corner of the Filemaker Go screen. 

filemaker go 3 image

The next screen will ask you to put in the address for the server. Simply type in in the Host Address field and hit Save. 

add host image

This will bounce you back to the starter screen where you choose your database.  Choose the Observation_Demo database from the list and then use the IDs and passwords below to access the database.

Filemaker login screen image

Login IDs - all passwords are set to demo


Marshall Plan Demo System Information
This system was done for RSU 23 and is also available.

To access the demo sandbox, you need the following information:

Server Address:
Database Name: demo_marshall_eval.fmp12

Login IDs - all passwords are set to demo

Demo Superintendent - dsupt  

Demo Ele. Prinicpal - deleprincipal  

Demo HS Principal - dhsprincipal  

Demo Asst. HS Principal dahsprincipal 

Demo MS Principal - dmsprincipal 

Demo Central Office - dcentraloffice   (this one has full system admin privileges so you can see the back end)

Demo SPED Director - dsped 

Demo Curriculum Director - dcurr 

Demo Ele Teacher - deleteacher 

Demo Ele Sped Teacher delespedteacher 

Demo MS Teacher dmsteacher  

Demo MS Sped Teacher dmsspedteacher 

Demo HS Teacher dhsteacher  

Demo HS Sped teacher dhsspedteacher 

For more information please contact Crystal Priest - or 207-876-4635 ext. 19