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SAD 4 Google Apps Help

This page will be updated regularly as we add new tutorials, tips and tricks, check back often. If you would like to see a specific tutorial or have a question that you'd like to see answered here, please email Crystal Priest.
Transition out of FirstClass

There are several steps that you should take so that the move from FirstClass to Gmail is as easy and painless as possible. Many of these steps are optional.  

Step 2 and 3 are mandatory if you want to keep your @sad4.com email address and you want your email sent from FirstClass to your Gmail automatically.

Step 1. Clean out any unnecessary email.

Step 2. Add your @sad4.com FirstClass email address to your Gmail account.  
            Click here for the video.

Step 3. Set up a POP3 Connection to pull your FirstClass Email into Gmail.
            Click here for the video.

Step 4.  Move your contacts from  FirstClass to Gmail.
            Click here for the video.

Step 5.  Deal with your folders full of mail in FirstClass.
            Click here for the video.

Step 6.  Move your calendars from FirstClass into Google.
            That feature is busted in FirstClass. If you need to move
            calendar items from FirstClass you will have to do that

What about all the files and conference folders in FirstClass?

The conference folders will be re-created as groups in Google.  Starter groups include District Staff, PCES Staff and PCSS Staff.  More groups will be added as the system is built out.

The default behavior for messages sent to a Google Group is that the message is delivered to your email inbox.  You can delete these messages from your inbox after you have read them.

The files that are currently stored in FirstClass will be added to a variety of internal or external web pages in Google Sites.  Right now, if you need a form or file that is stored in FirstClass, please log into FirstClass and download the file.

Personal Email vs. Professional Email
    With the change over from FirstClass to Google Apps for Education, this is a great time to think about how you use your school email account. The district provides it to you for professional use and has always allowed reasonable personal use. Many of you use your school email for all your email needs. While that is fine, you really want to think about some of the possible ramifications of having personal email in your professional email account or having school email in your personal email account.

    School communications are subject to document retention laws, Freedom of Access requests, e-discovery in the case of legal action, and possibly FERPA laws depending on the content of the email. If the district is involved in any legal action that requires e-discovery, your school provided email account could be involved and any emails in that account could be made public. 

    So, the question is, what do you potentially want to have made public?  Probably a "get milk on the way home" message isn't an issue. But, your account information for your bank, or your personal health information becoming public may be an issue to you. Please think about how you are using your school account.
Tips & tricks and weird things that happen . . .

Google Login Window screen shots

Contact Import Issues
   Sometimes you get blank email addresses after importing contacts from FirstClass. Sometimes you get email addresses that won't work when you import them in from FirstClass. Check this cheat sheet out for the fix.

Want to turn off Web Clips?
    Web clips are a discontinued feature in Gmail but they still show up by default at the top of your inbox.  If you can see this at the top of your mailbox, then you have Web Clips on.
screenshot showing webclips on.

To turn the web clip feature off.  Go to your gear and choose settings.screenshot showing gear and settings area.

Once you are on your settings screen, click on Web Clips and un-check the box.

screen shot of web clip settings

Google Labs - some really useful labs to enable.

Google Labs is an area where Google tries out new features and gadgets before they move them into Gmail. They don't make any guarantees about the labs, so you are playing at your own risk. There are several very useful labs that you probably want to turn on right now. You can play with the other ones, too.

To get to Google Labs, go to your gear and settings.  When you get to the settings screen, click on Labs.
screenshot of gear and settings pull down window.

Click on the enable button next to the following labs, you might also want to read the descriptions on what each of these labs does while you are at it.
  • Background Send
  • Google Docs Preview in Mail
  • Inserting Images
  • Quote Selected Text
  • Refresh Pop Accounts
  • Right Side Chat
  • Undo Send 
When you are done enabling these labs, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and save the changes.