KF-R Community Use of School Facilities Administrative Procedure


Organization representatives shall apply to the building principal for the use of any building or facility at least two weeks in advance. The building principal will then submit a written request to the Superintendent for approval.

Organizations using school facilities assume full responsibility for any damage that may occur to building or facilities resulting from their use. The Directors may, at their discretion, require the purchase and presentation of public liability insurance if the gathering is of a size or the activity of a nature which may seem to require this special safeguard.

Educational support personnel will be paid according to Schedule A of the Wage Scale. The minimum charge will be for one hour.

Custodial Service

A. A custodian shall be present when a building is used with the following exceptions:

1. Meetings of the Board of Directors or sub-committees, when the Superintendent/designee or Board Chair will be responsible;

2. Meetings of any school district teacher’s organization, when the building principal will be responsible; and

3. School activities under the direct supervision of a teacher, at the discretion of the building principal.

B. The user of the facility will be responsible for reimbursement to the District for custodial services beyond the regularly scheduled hours of that custodian.

Cafeteria Service

A cafeteria worker shall be present in a supervisory capacity whenever cafeteria equipment is used.

Gym and Facilities Conditions

A. All entertainments are subject to approval and must be described in the facilities use application.

B. All ordinances and rules of the local community and fire departments regarding public assemblies must be strictly complied with.

C. Smoking is prohibited in school buildings and on school grounds.

D. There shall be no alcoholic liquors or beverages brought to or consumed in the building or on school grounds.

E. Special permission must be obtained for decorating, installing scenery, and moving or tuning pianos.

F. Props, artificial plants, draperies, etc., shall be flame proof or fire retardant.

G. Scenery and other equipment provided by the holder of a permit must be removed from the building promptly after the performance so as not to interfere with school activities.

H. Custodial services do not include the erecting or dismantling of scenery or equipment unless such scenery or equipment is the property of the school district.

I. All entertainments, dances, etc., must cease no later than 12:00 midnight, unless otherwise authorized.

J. The number of tickets sold must not exceed the seating capacity of the space or facility for which permit is granted.

K. A permit is not transferable.

L. All permits shall be revocable and shall not be considered as a lease, and the Board of Directors or its authorized agent may reject an application or cancel any permit.

Rental Fees

No rental fees will be charged for the following uses:

A. School-sponsored activities;

School District teachers’ organizations;

C. Board of Directors or sub-committees;

D. Organizations whose sole purpose is to aid or improve the facilities or activities of the schools of the District; and

E. M.S.A.D. #4 town government activities, e.g., Town Meeting, budget meetings, etc.).

Custodial and other fees may apply.

Rental fees may be charged for all other approved uses.

Adopted: April 10, 1990
Revised: March 8, 1994; June 13, 2000; August 10, 2004, November 9, 2004
Reviewed: November 11, 2010

M.S.A.D. #4