Mission Statement

The SAD 4 Student Assistance Team attempts to help “at risk” students and their families find assistance for dealing with problems that interfere with academic success. The Student Assistance Team is a support system that identifies, intervenes, refers, and provides continuing support for at-risk students and their families.


SAD #4 Student Assistance Team (SAT) is designed to meet the needs of students who are at experiencing academic, behavioral, or emotional problems that may interfere with academic progress. The SAT is a group of school staff members who receive training from the Maine Department of Education in the use of an approved process to identify, refer, and intervene with students at all grades. The Student Assistance Team includes school personnel and community members and operates under the direction of school administration.

The Student Assistance Teams function is to assist students who are exhibiting at-risk behaviors in order to minimize the negative consequences of those behaviors. At-risk behaviors include but are not limited to:

* Self destructive behaviors (self injury, depression, suicidal tendencies)
* Show signs of mental, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
* Excessive Absenteeism or Truancy
* Substance Abuse
* Failing Grades
* Repeated disciplinary referrals

Referrals to the Student Assistance Team are made when all other avenues to assist the student, including parent conferences and other pre-referral methods have been tried. Referrals will be accepted from parents, guardians, teachers, administration, service providers who may not be district employees and the students themselves. All referrals to and actions taken by the SAT are confidential. Outside of the SAT members only those needing information are to be involved in or informed of the SAT referral.

The Student Assistance Team is not a substitute for, or an alternative to, the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or special education needs identification process. Students eligible for the IEP process may, however, be referred for matters not having to do with their identified disabilities. The SAT process is designed to enhance, and in no way interfere with, the District’s procedures for special education referral.

Adopted: June 4, 2004
Reviewed: March 15, 2011
Revised: May 9, 2016

M.S.A.D. #4