JLCE-R First Aid Administrative Procedure


The School Nurse and building Principal (or designee) shall be notified immediately of an injury to any pupil in the school building or on the school premises.

A report of the injury and first aid given shall be made in writing. A copy will be kept on file.

The pupil shall not be released without notification of the parent or other person authorized on the student emergency card. In case the pupil is not able to go home unassisted, the Principal shall require the parent to call for the child or shall provide proper supervision in seeing that the child is escorted safely home.

In cases of serious injury the following procedure from the District Emergency Plan shall be followed:

Medical Emergency Procedure

A medical emergency occurs whenever a student, staff member, or visitor sustains a serious injury and/or faces a life-threatening situation. Should this situation occur during regular school hours, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Notify the office of the medical situation and request Emergency Announcement:

a. Announce CODE BLUE and location for all situations in which the person is unconscious, not breathing, respiratory distress (turning blue or ashen), choking. 
b. Announce CODE RED and location whenever a person is down…unable to move, bleeding, head injuries, fractures, etc. 

2. The adult at the scene will control traffic. Staff members certified in CPR and First Aid will go to the scene to assist the victim until emergency personnel arrive. 

3. The office will call the school nurse at 343-0526.

4. The office will call 911 as directed and be prepared to give the caller’s name, the name and address of the school, nature of the injury or medical condition, location of the person needing assistance, school phone number, and any special information the paramedics need to know.

5. The office will notify the parent/guardian.

6. The office will notify the principal and superintendent.

7. A medical emergency form or accident form will be completed.

Should an emergency situation occur during after school activities, the supervising adult will assume responsibility for calling 911, notifying parents/guardian, and informing school administration.

Cross Reference: 
SAD #4 Emergency Plan

Legal Reference: 
20-A MRSA § 4009

Adopted: August 10, 2004
Revised: May 10, 2011

M.S.A.D. #4