JKB Detention of Students


Teachers and administrators have the authority to detain students after school hours for infractions of classroom or school rules. Before assigning students to detention, the student will be informed of the reason for the detention, and the student will be given an opportunity to explain his/her version of the incident. Teachers/administrators have the discretion to substitute alternative discipline in cases where they deem detention inappropriate.

The student’s parents/guardians will be informed of the reason for the detention and requested to make arrangements for the student’s transportation following the detention, if necessary.

All students detained for disciplinary purposes will be under the direct supervision of a member of the professional staff or other person designated by the building administrator. Students in detention are expected to use the time constructively to complete school assignments or for other educational purposes. Students who fail to serve a scheduled detention may be subject to additional disciplinary measures.

The Superintendent/designee is authorized to develop and implement any administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

Cross Reference:  
JK – Student Discipline

Adopted:     June 8, 2004
Reviewed:   March 15, 2011

M.S.A.D. #4