JICK-R Bullying Procedure


This procedure has been adopted by the Board of Directors in order to provide a method of prompt and equitable resolution of complaints of bullying as described in JICK.

Reports of behaviors that have the potential to be labeled as bullying or harassing as defined in policy JICK should be referred to the appropriate administrator in writing. A sample form will be provided which may be adapted for use by different buildings/departments. Administration refers to Principals, Assistant Principals and Guidance Counselors.

Upon receipt of such notice, the administrator will review the situation, investigate, and make a determination as to whether or not it is truly a bullying situation as described by policy.

A. If it is determined that bullying/harassment has occurred it will be logged as such using the student information software.

B. Teachers, coaches, Athletic Directors, bus drivers, and any other district personnel that might be expected to have contact or supervision responsibilities with the students involved will be made aware of the fact that there is a bullying situation and will be asked to be vigilant in monitoring and reporting subsequent bullying actions.

C. Parents/Guardians of all parties will be contacted, and also notified in writing, of their child’s involvement in the situation and provided a copy of JICK upon request.

D. Administrators will take appropriate action including consequences up to expulsion as per the SAD #4 Student Code of Conduct.

E. It is the intent of these procedures to solve bullying issues at the lowest possible level, involving students and parents by keeping them accurately informed, and to make SAD #4 a safe place for all students to learn.

Adopted:      December 11, 2007
Reviewed:   December 21, 2010
Revised:      December 11, 2012

M.S.A.D. # 4