JICE Student Expression


Because the board recognizes creative student expression as an educational benefit of the school experience, it encourages freedom of comment, both oral and written, in a school setting with a degree of order in which proper learning can take place.

Some student publications, such as annual yearbooks, school newspapers, and any electronic publications may be developed as part of the curriculum and be of a major educational benefit to those who compile, edit, and publish them. Faculty advisors will be assigned to guide students engaged in these activities. Student editors have initial responsibility in determining content. However, the faculty advisor may override the student editor’s decision, but shall give substantial and due regard for the judgment of the student editors and for the educational value of the exercise of that judgment. Censorship shall be limited to those aspects of publications that conflict with the basic educational mission of the school, that may be inappropriate for young audiences, or that may be reasonably judged by the public to bear the imprimatur of the school.

Students may be required to submit publications for approval prior to distribution. When approval is required, school administrators must make available to students the standards which will be used in determining the granting or denial of permission.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop review and appeal procedures for students who feel that their material may have been improperly or unfairly censored and to make those procedures known to students, parents and faculty.

Distribution of any non-school-sponsored materials or literature on school property shall receive prior approval of the Principal, who shall review and judge the material using the same standards that pertain to other student publications. Limitation as to time and place of distribution of approved materials shall be imposed, as deemed appropriate and necessary by the administration.

Legal Reference:
       17 MRSA § 2911

Adopted:     April 10, 1990
Revised:     June 8, 2004; May 10, 2011

M.S.A.D. #4