JICC-R Student Conduct on Buses Rules


The right of students to ride on the bus depends upon their behavior and the observance of the rules contained herein. Any action which endangers safe operation of the bus may cause the suspension of the student’s right to ride on the bus. Drivers are authorized to enforce the rules and to make other suggestions in line with good citizenship.

Students are expected to observe the following rules:

A. The driver is in full charge of the bus and the students at all times. This is to include the transportation portion of a field trip. The safety of all rests on the driver’s shoulders. Students and all other passengers will obey the driver promptly and respectfully.

B. When the bus is in motion, students are not to stand or move about. Students are to remain seated while approaching their school or their home until the bus comes to a full stop.

C. All students will be ready in the morning 10 minutes before the time the school bus usually arrives at the pick-up point. The bus will not wait for those who are tardy, except under extreme circumstances.

D. During the morning pick-up, students shall be discharged only at the regular designated stops at their schools. Permission shall not be granted to allow students to leave the bus at any other place.

E. During the afternoon drop-off, the driver shall unload students at their designated bus stop. For children in grades K-3, if it appears that no one is home the driver will:

1. Have student check to see if someone is home.

2. If no one is home, the bus driver will return the student to the school he/she was picked up at.

3. If no one is available at the school, the student will be returned to the Transportation Director’s office. He will then try to reach a parent or guardian.

F. Normal conversation among students is allowed on the bus. Loud, boisterous speech, swearing, shouting out of the windows, and throwing caps, books, paper, or other objects shall not be tolerated.

G. Students shall not extend their arms or head out the windows.

H. Students are asked to refrain from unnecessary conversation with the driver.

I. Students will be allowed to eat or drink on the bus at the discretion of the bus driver. This privilege may be revoked if there are problems.

J. Students shall help keep the bus clean. A waste container is provided at the front of the bus.

K. Above all, courteous treatment of the driver and other students will be the rule.

L. Students who cross the road shall cross in front of the bus on the signal from the driver when he/she has determined that all traffic has stopped.

M. No passengers shall be permitted to enter the bus with a gun, weapon, or pyrotechnics or anything of a dangerous nature.

N. Drivers shall not be permitted to transport any passengers with animals.

O. No passenger shall be allowed to use tobacco/vapor, chewing tobacco, lighters, or matches on a school bus or any other vehicle that is being used for a school sponsored function.

P. No passenger shall be permitted to enter the bus who is under the influence of liquor or drugs.

Q. Drivers may assign seats in the bus and passengers will take the assigned seats.

R. Any and all damage done to seats or other equipment on or in the bus will be paid for by the responsible party or parties.

S. Students will be permitted to carry on the bus personal items that can fit into a book bag or grocery style bag. Bags should be kept to a minimum.

T. All musical instruments or other materials required of an academic or extracurricular activity which are deemed too large to be transported safely in the student’s seat will be placed in a location that the driver designates as appropriate. The center aisle of the bus must be kept clear.

Disciplinary Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior 

A breach of these rules may result in suspension of bus privileges.

A. First Offense: The bus driver will speak with the student about his/her behavior. Parent may be contacted by the principal and /or transportation supervisor.

B. Second Offense: The bus driver will provide the student’s principal and/or transportation supervisor with a completed behavior report. The principal and/or transportation supervisor will speak to the student, parents and/or guardians shall be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

C. Third Offense: The bus driver will provide the student’s principal and/or transportation supervisor with a completed behavior report. The principal and the transportation supervisor will meet with the student and his/her parents/guardians. The student’s bus riding privileges will be suspended for a period of time deemed appropriate.

***Steps 1 and 2 may be omitted for any serious violation or any repeated violation***

Adopted:      June 8, 2004
Reviewed:   February 15, 2011
Revised:      May 11, 2015

M.S.A.D. #4