JHCA-R Senior Privileges Administrative Procedure


Seniors may arrive at school in time for their first scheduled class if they have a study hall at the beginning of the day, and/or may leave school grounds after their last scheduled class.

This senior privilege is subject to the following guidelines which may be amended by the administration at any time.


The student must agree to and obtain parent/guardian permission via the signed legal document (attached to this policy) releasing M.S.A.D. #4 from responsibility for the student’s well-being while exercising the senior privilege. This must also be confirmed by a phone call made to the signing parent or legal guardian.


A. There will be a sign-out/sign-in sheet located in the main office. Students must personally sign out when leaving the school premises. Students must personally sign in immediately upon their return to school grounds. (Loitering in the halls, parking lot, or other areas of the school or on school premises is prohibited.) Failure to sign in prior to the end of the last period from which they were excused will constitute a tardy and forfeiture of senior privileges for a time period to be determined by the principal. If a student wishes to have his/her privilege reinstated, he/she must appeal to the principal. 

B. Any student charged by law enforcement authorities with a moving violation during his/her leave or any student exhibiting inappropriate behavior during his/ her leave may have his/her privilege suspended for a period of time to be determined by the principal. 

Examples of inappropriate behavior are littering, unsafe conduct, stealing, fighting, destruction of private or school property, and inappropriate language. 

C. Any senior who transports underclassmen during senior privileges will have his/ her privilege revoked immediately. 

D. The privilege may be revoked for any student who has been suspended within the school year. 

    December 11, 2001
Revised:     April 13, 2004
Reviewed:  December 21, 2010 

M.S.A.D. #4