JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students


Individual non-resident students may be accepted under any of the following conditions if approved by the Superintendent:

A. Under an agreement with another local school administrative unit for students in grades 9-12 upon payment of the tuition fee allowed by state law;

B. Following receipt of a written parental request and formal approval by the Superintendent on a space/program-available basis, upon payment of the tuition fee allowed by state law. Reapplication shall be made annually. Behavior, cooperation and suitability of programming shall be considered;

C. Upon recommendation of the high school principal, the Superintendent may authorize enrollment of a foreign exchange student assigned to a household in the community served by the school unit and under the auspices of a recognized foreign exchange program. Such enrollment shall be without assessment of tuition;

D. Upon special permission granted by the Superintendent, to provide continuity of program for a student whose family provides evidence of intent to move to the community shortly after a school year begins, or moves from the community near the end of a school year; and

E. In accordance with Maine law related to the assignment of students for school purposes, such as: state wards; students for whom the Superintendent determines it is in the student’s best interest to attend; students placed by state agencies; homeless children of school age; students living at light, fog warning or life stations; temporary residents; a transfer student when the two Superintendents approve in the student’s best interest.

Retroactive tuition will be assessed for students found to be nonresidents and ineligible for enrollment under law or Board policy.

All requirements regarding age, health examinations, immunizations, etc., which apply to resident students shall also apply to non-resident students accepted for enrollment in this school system.

Legal Reference: 
20-A MRSA § 5203 et seq. 8 USC § 1101

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Adopted: March 9, 2004
Reviewed: December 21, 2010

M.S.A.D. #4