In accordance with Maine state law, the United States and Maine flags are to be displayed from the public school buildings of this school unit every school day and on appropriate occasions. Further, the American flag is to be displayed in every classroom in each public school in the unit.

The Superintendent is responsible to furnish each school and facility accordingly, and to recommend to the Board annually the amount of expenditure necessary to provide sufficient flags and flagstaffs. This Board shall appropriate the necessary funds.

It shall be the duty of instructors to impress upon the youth by suitable references and observances the significance of the flag, to teach them the cost, the object and principles of our government, the inestimable sacrifices made by the founders of our nation, the important contribution made by all who have served in the armed services of our country since its inception, and to teach them to love, honor and respect the flag of our country.

Legal Reference:
        20-A MRSA §§ 1055, 4805

Cross Reference:         IMDA - Patriotic Exercises

Adopted:     March 9, 2004
Reviewed:   November 11, 2010

M.S.A.D. #4