IKAB Report Cards/Progress Reports


The Superintendent will be responsible for ensuring the development of a system for communicating information regarding student achievement and academic progress to students and parents. This system shall be approved by the Board. Within this system, grades, proficiency levels, performance notations, narratives, and other forms of reporting should be understandable to parents and should indicate how the student is progressing relative to achievement of the content standards of the Learning Results as well as performance in specific courses or content areas.

As a component of the system, a report card will be issued for each student at the end of each semester or trimester to be reviewed by the student’s parent/guardian.

Interim progress reports indicating deficiency, need for remedial intervention, or improvement in performance may be issued at any time.

The principal will provide written notification to students and parents by March 15th if the student is in jeopardy of not advancing to the next grade or if the student is in jeopardy of not qualifying for a high school diploma because he/she has not met the required standards.

Cross Reference:
       IK – Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement
IKE – Promotion, Retention and Acceleration 
ILA – Student Assessment/Local Assessment System 

Adopted:     February 10, 2004
Revised:     December 14, 2010

M.S.A.D. #4