IHBGA Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs


The School Board acknowledges the provisions for equivalent instruction under Maine law. The Board further observes the Legislature’s recognition, that the term ‘equivalent’ is intended to mean meeting state standards, for alternate or other instruction and is not intended to mean the same as the education delivered in the public school system.”

In addition, it is the intention of the Board to, “cooperate in the home instruction of any child who resides in the school administrative unit to the degree that the level of cooperation does not interfere with the responsibilities to the students enrolled in M.S.A.D. #4 regular programs.” Furthermore, participation of students in such programs shall be limited to home-schooled students who have obtained approval for equivalent instruction under rules established by the Commissioner of Education.

In order to maintain an efficient and orderly school program, the Board directs the Superintendent/designee to develop procedures, as appropriate, regarding the availability of school system resources and services in support of equivalent instruction programs that have been approved by the Commissioner.

Adopted: November 12, 2003

M.S.A.D. #4