IHA Basic Instructional Program


M.S.A.D. #4 will offer a basic instructional program designed to support Maine’s System of Learning Results and provide parameters of essential instruction to all Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 students with equitable opportunities to access and demonstrate achievement of the content standards of Maine’s System of Learning Results.

The school system will provide programs and instructional approaches that support the variety of learning styles of its students. Through the basic instructional program, the schools will strive to provide for a wide range of individual differences in student abilities and interests. Students who have difficulty meeting the standards will be provided opportunities to obtain additional support or instruction.

The Board believes that through the basic instructional program, students should develop a body of basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will lead to a successful adult life and informed participation in our democratic society. The educational program should provide students with the opportunity to develop the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and appreciation for the arts that are important to lifelong learning, and the skills needed for career, college, and citizenship.

The instructional program shall be developed with the objective of maintaining a balanced, integrated, and sequentially articulated curriculum. Priority should be given to learning that serves as a foundation for further educational development in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, foreign language, health and physical education, and career education.

The basic instructional program shall meet requirements established by Maine law and Department of Education regulations. The instructional program shall be implemented through a written curriculum aligned with the System of Learning Results and designed to provide uniformity of content within and across grade levels.

Legal Reference:
         20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 1001(6), 6209
Ch. 125 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule) 
Ch. 127 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule) 

Cross Reference:
        AD - Educational Philosophy/Mission
ADF - School District Commitment to Learning Results
IGA - Curriculum Development and Adoption 
IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs 
ILA - Student Assessment/Local Assessment System 

Adopted:     May 10, 2005
Revised:     March 23, 2010

M.S.A.D. #4