SAD #4 Policy Book
I. Instruction
The instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, evaluation of programs, and academic achievement.

 ID  School Day
 IE  Organization of Instruction
 IGA  Curriculum Development and Adoption
 IHA  Basic Instructional Program
 IHBA  Individual Education Programs (IEPs)
 IHBAA  Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities
 IHBAA-R  Referral/Pre-Referral Administrative Procedure
 IHBAC  Child Find
 IHBAJ  Special Education Student Oversight Agreement
 IHBAK  Life-Sustaining Emergency Care
 IHBAL  Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
 IHBG  Home Schooling
 IHBGA  Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs
 IHBGA-R  Administrative Procedure -  Participation in School Programs
 IHBGB  Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School/Home Schooling
 IHBH  Alternative Education Programs
 IHCDA  Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
 IHD  Adult/Community Education
 IJJ  Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection
 IJJ-E  Challenge of Instructional Materials Form
 IJNDB  Student Computer, Internet Use and Cybersafety
 IJNDB-E  Student Computer/Internet use Acknowledgement Form
 IJNDB-R  Student Computer and Internet Use Forms
 IJNDC  School System Website/Web Pages
 IJNDC-E  Website Release Form
 IJNDC-R  School System Website/Web Pages Administrative Procedure
 IJOA  Field Trips and Excursions
 IJOC  School Volunteers
 IK  Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement
 IKAB  Report Cards/Progress Reports
 IKB  Homework
 IKE  Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
 IKF  Graduation Requirements
 IKFBB  Graduation Exercises - Baccalaureate Services
 IKFD  Awarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of World War II, The Korean Conflict and Vietnam War Era
 IL  Evaluation of Instructional Programs
 ILA  Student Assessment/Local Assessment System
 ILD  Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations
 IMB  Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues
 IMB-R  Procedures for Objection to Curriculum Topic or Material
 IMB-E1  Objection to Curriculum Topic or Material Form
 IMB-E2  Checklist for Curriculum Committee's Reconsideration of Challenged Topics or Materials
 IMBAA  Alternatives to Biological Dissection
 IMBB  Exemptions from Required Instruction
 IMBB-E  Opt Out Procedure Form
 IMDA  Patriotic Exercises
 IMBD  Flag Displays
 IMDC  The Celebration of Holidays
 IMG  Animals in Schools
 IMGA  Service Animals in Schools