GDF-R Support Staff Employment Evaluation


All non-professional or support staff members shall receive at least one written formal evaluation annually, and such evaluation must be completed by the appropriate administrator and reported to the Superintendent no later than the first of March each year.

Evaluations shall be based upon an employee’s performance according to his/her job description and criteria that are relevant to the employee’s duties. Administrators are expected to provide employees with a copy of any written evaluation with sufficient time for the employee to review the report prior to any conference over the contents of said evaluation report. Any evaluation that is less than satisfactory shall include specific recommendations for improvement.

Evaluations shall be conducted by the appropriate Administrative Team Member to whom the member is responsible. The Administrative Team Member shall make recommendations to the Superintendent.

In recognition of the inherent overlapping of Administrative Team Member jurisdiction over non-professional or support staff members, the Administrative Team Members shall develop methods of cooperative and comparative evaluation such as verbal communication that provides the employee with the fairest and most appropriate evaluation. The Superintendent shall have final recourse in such cases.

Adopted:     April 9, 1996
Revised:     October 14, 2003
Reviewed:   December 7, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4