GDA Support Staff Positions


The unit shall employ nonprofessional personnel in positions that function to support the educational program of the schools. All such support staff positions in the school system shall be established initially by the Board. For each new position, the Board will review an initial job description as prepared by the Superintendent.

Support staff employees shall be those who work in the following general areas:

A. Secretarial staff;

B. Educational technicians (teacher aides/teacher assistants—full-time or part-time);

C. Custodial staff;

D. Maintenance staff;

E. Pupil transportation staff;

F. Food services staff;

G. Coaches; and

H. Other extra/co-curricular, part-time, extra-duty positions.

Although positions may remain temporarily unfilled, or the number of persons holding the same type of position reduced as a result of a reduction in force, only the Board may abolish a position that it has created.

Adopted:     April 9, 1996
Revised:     October 14, 2003
Reviewed:  December 7, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4