GCOA Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff


A well-planned and systematic program of supervision and evaluation of performance tied to educational outcomes is vital to the ongoing improvement of the instructional program. It is incumbent upon this School Board to ensure that sufficient administrative time and energy are expended to supervise (observe and assist) and evaluate (measure and assess) teachers. The evaluation program shall address all aspects of teaching performance and recognize that the fulfillment of student needs is of primary importance.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for development, implementation and periodic review of a comprehensive program of supervision and evaluation, which shall be adopted by the Board. The program shall provide for minimum standards for the number and frequency of formal performance reviews, require closer support and more frequent performance reviews.

Probationary teachers shall in any event be evaluated during, but not limited to, their second year of employment.

A. Evaluative criteria shall be in written form and made permanently available to the teacher;

B. Evaluations shall be made by an immediate supervisor/administrator; or by other qualified person(s) designated by the Superintendent;

C. Results of the evaluations shall be put in writing and shall be discussed with the teacher;

D. The teacher being evaluated shall have the right to attach a memorandum to the written evaluation; and

E. Results of all evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel files maintained at the Superintendent’s office.

In keeping with the School Board’s goal of employing the best qualified staff to provide quality education for all students, all teachers are expected to participate fully in the evaluation process, self-appraisal and continuous improvement of professional skills.

While supervision and evaluation policies and procedures are not negotiable in collective bargaining, the Superintendent is to seek appropriate involvement of staff in the development and periodic review of the supervision and evaluation program.

Legal Reference:        
20-A MRSA §§ 1055, 13802
Ch. 125 §§ 4.02(E)(3), 8.08 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)

Adopted:     September 14, 1993
Revised:     October 14, 2003, December 13, 2011

M.S.A.D. #4