Substitute teachers may serve on a day-to-day basis to fill short-term classroom or instructional vacancies caused by the absence, resignation, or inability to employ a certified teacher.


The administration is directed to employ certified substitute teachers prior to non-certified substitute teachers except in extenuating circumstances. All long-term substitute teachers must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

A. All substitute teachers shall be approved by the Maine Department of Education.

B. Certified substitute teachers may only substitute for a maximum of 90 school days in a non-certified assignment.

C. Non-certified substitute teachers with two or more years of college level education may serve in an assignment for a maximum of 60 school days.

D. Substitute teachers with less than two years of college level education shall be employed for limited assignments, which shall not exceed ten consecutive school days.

E. The Superintendent may, based on extenuating circumstances, grant waivers.


The compensation for substitute teachers shall reflect the level of education (degree/non-degree), days of service per year to the district (25 days per year or more) and annual participation in substitute teacher workshops.

A substitute shall be considered long-term when an assignment is at least 10 consecutive school days or is an advanced scheduled assignment of greater than 10 consecutive school days in the same assignment. The compensation level for a long-term certified substitute teacher shall be at the base rate of pay.

The M.S.A.D. #4 Budget Committee shall review the level of compensation on an annual basis and shall report its recommendations to the school board.

Legal Reference:        
20-A M.R.S.A. § 13402(3)
Chapter 115 § 13 (Maine Department of Education Rules) 

Adopted: June 9, 1998
Revised: October 14, 2003 

M.S.A.D. #4