SAD #4 Policy Book
Personnel Policies for all school employees except for the superintendent.

 GAB  Job Descriptions
 GBB  Staff Involvement in Decision Making
 GBEA  Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
 GBEBA  Staff Dress Code
 GBEBB  Staff Conduct with Students
 GBEC  Drug-Free Workplace
 GBGAA  Bloodborne Pathogens
 GBGAA-R  Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
 GBGE  Return to Work and Light-Duty Assignments
 GBJ  Personnel Records and Files
 GBJC  Retention of Application Materials
 GBN  Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
 GBN-R1  Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure
 GBN-R2  Maine Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure
 GBO  Family Care Leave
 GCF  Professional Staff Hiring
 GCFA  Athletic and Co-Curricular Stipends
 GCFA-E1  Athletic and Co-Curricular Factors
 GCFA-E2  Extra-Curricular Experience Determination
 GCFB  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
 GCFB-R  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Administrative Procedure
 GCGA  Substitute Teachers
 GCI  Professional Staff Development Opportunities
 GCK  Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
 GCOA  Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff
 GCOC  Evaluation of Administrative Staff
 GCQC  Resignation of School Unit Employees
 GCQCA  School Unit Employee References
 GCQCA-E  Authorization to Disclose Information/Release of Claims/Indemnity
 GCSA  Employee Computer and Internet Use
 GCSA-R  Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules
 GCSA-E    Employee Computer and Internet Use Acknowledgement Form
 GDA    Support Staff Positions
 GDF  Support Staff Employment
 GDF-R    Support Staff Employment Evaluation