FD Facilities Funding and Construction


When there is a need for school construction, the Board shall request the necessary state approval to begin planning. Upon determination of the cost of the construction, the Board shall approve a bond issue for the amount needed and shall take the necessary steps for presenting the issue for public approval.

If the voters approve the bond issue, construction planning shall proceed. Award of the construction contract shall be made after advertisement for bids and shall be given to the low bidder who meets all requirements, including the state’s code of fair practices (equal opportunity employment).

During the construction period, the Board shall determine who shall be its agent for approving changes in specifications and/or cost changes (an administrator, construction supervisor, Board committee, or other). The Board shall itself retain final approval over all but minor decisions concerning construction.

Legal Reference:
    20-A MRSA § 15909 

Adopted:     June 10, 2003

M.S.A.D. #4