EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services


The school unit shall take part, as feasible, in the National School Lunch and other food programs that may become available to assure that all children for whom this School Board is responsible shall have the opportunity to receive proper nourishment.

Parents shall be advised that this program is available and eligibility criteria shall be made public.

After sending out letters and application to parents, and having information that a child, for whom an application has not been submitted, meets the eligibility criteria for free or reduced price meals, the school principal may certify the child eligible. The school principal does this by completing and filing an application on behalf of the needy child giving the best household size and income information available and the source of the information. The Approving Officer does not need the names of all adult household members and signature and social security number of a household member. The household must be notified of the eligibility determination.

It shall be the policy in our schools that when school lunch is desired, payment is expected on that day or in advance by/for pupils not eligible for free lunches. Should there be any difficulty in obtaining such payment, the matter is to be resolved by direct contact with the parent (or student, if emancipated). No student is to be denied food as a disciplinary measure.

The administration shall establish and publish, as appropriate, procedures which conform with state and federal requirements and the intent of this policy regarding participation in programs for free/reduced price meals and supplementary food.

Legal Reference:    
20-A MRSA § 6601 et seq.

Adopted: June 10, 2003 
Revised: January 12, 2010 

M.S.A.D. #4