EEBB Use of Private Vehicles on School Business


The Board recognizes the need for some school employees to use their own motor vehicles for school purposes either regularly or occasionally. To safeguard the District employees and students in matters of liability, the following policy will be observed.

A. Prior to use of a private vehicle for school purposes, the employee must have the written permission of the Superintendent/designee.

1. This permission may be in the form of a standing permit for employees who use their own cars regularly for school purposes. The permit will state the particular purpose and whether it includes transportation of students. 

2. For all special trips involving students, including field trips, a special permit must be obtained in advance for the specific trip. 

B. No student may be sent on school errands with his/her vehicle, an employee’s vehicle, or a school-owned vehicle. 

C. School activities and field trips will be made by bus whenever practicable. 

D. The Superintendent may approve the use of private vehicles in situations in which budget or schedule restrictions make it prohibitive or impractical. 

E. For student trips made in private vehicles, owners must be properly licensed and carry a minimum insurance of $100,000/$300,000. 

F. No employee may transport students for school purposes without prior authorization by the Superintendent/designee. 

G. No student will be allowed to drive or transport other students on field trips. 

Adopted:     April 10, 1990
Revised:     June 10, 2003
Reviewed:  November 9, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4