ECAF Video Surveillance


The Board recognizes the school unit’s continuing responsibility to maintain order on school grounds and in school buildings to ensure the safety of staff and students. After carefully balancing the need for discipline and safety with students’ interests in privacy, the Board supports the use of video cameras on school grounds and in areas of common use within buildings. Areas of common use include libraries, hallways, gymnasiums, lobbies, reception areas and cafeterias. 

The video images shall not be made available for viewing by the public, employees of the district in general, the media, or other individuals. Access to the video shall be limited as follows: 

School administrators shall be authorized to view the video for the purposes of documenting disciplinary problems and determining which individuals may be involved. 

When the resulting video is used as a basis for discipline, the student and parents/guardians will be notified and given the opportunity to view the portion of the tape pertaining to the alleged violation. 

The Principal or Superintendent may authorize other school personnel such as a teacher, guidance counselor, school psychologist, or social worker to view segments of the video if such personnel have a demonstrable educational interest in the video. 

In appropriate circumstances, or as mandated by law or court order, the Superintendent is authorized to show a video to other government agencies, including law enforcement agencies or the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Any recording used in a disciplinary proceeding may be retained as part of a student’s disciplinary record, being disposed of as other such documentation except when special circumstances warrant longer retention. In regard to such video recordings, the school system will comply with all applicable provisions of state and federal law concerning student records. 

Recorded information showing identifiable employees will be treated as personnel file information and will not be released outside of the school system except pursuant to subpoena or court order. 

Students in violation of school discipline/conduct codes shall be dealt with in accordance with established Board policy, administrative procedures, and school practices. 

Notice of use of video cameras for surveillance purposes on school grounds and in school buildings will be provided to all students, parents and staff in appropriate handbooks on an annual basis. Notice that video observation may take place will also be posted in each building and on each campus where cameras are located. 

The Superintendent will be responsible for the development of administrative procedures regarding review of video recordings made on school grounds and in school buildings. Such regulations will provide a process for review when significant violations of the student discipline/conduct code occur. Procedures will also address the retention of video recordings, administrators authorized to monitor live feeds and recordings, the security of video cameras and recordings, specifying the school official(s) to be responsible for purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement of equipment, scheduling and placement of cameras, requests for viewing and any necessary follow-up. 

Cross Reference: JRA - Student Records

Adopted:     May 9, 2006 
Reviewed:   November 9, 2009 

M.S.A.D. #4