DID-R Inventories Administrative Procedure


The Superintendent/designee will provide for a continuing inventory of all property of the district—capital assets, physical facilities, and equipment.

A. At start of school year: When responsibility for equipment (such as instructional equipment or classroom furniture to a teacher) is assigned to an employee, the inventory of such assigned equipment will be verified at the beginning of the school year or whenever the employee first reports for work.

B. Inventory shortages: Employees will report any equipment or supply shortages to their building principal or supervisor immediately upon discovery. 

C. At end of year: An inventory of all equipment in each building or department will be taken. Each employee will be responsible for inventories of supplies and equipment in his/her care. Principals will not check a teacher or other employee out in the spring until the employee’s equipment inventory has been verified. 

Principals/supervisors are responsible for maintaining an inventory of their site and reporting inventory to the central office. Disposal to any school property shall be done following policy DN “Disposition of School Property.”

Fixed Assets Inventory Procedures

The central office will maintain a fixed assets inventory for the entire district.

A. The principal/supervisor will be responsible for the inventory of equipment and fixed assets and an inventory report for his/her assigned site.

1. Fixed Assets are tangible property of significant value ($5,000+) at acquisition with a useful life of at least three years. 

2. Buildings include all permanent walled and/or roofed structures. 

B. An integral part of the fixed assets system will be the inventory of property, equipment, and other items. The inventory may include items not classified as fixed assets, but which are an integral part of the fixed assets system. 

C. The inventory will be an accurate record of property, equipment, and other items. This information will contribute to the database of all the district’s fixed assets. 

D. The system will be so devised that the process of inventory adjustment will be continuous.

E. The inventory data will be maintained in such a way that inventory reports will be provided to reflect the inventory for entire district and individual sites. 

F. Equipment items are to be accounted for either as unit items or group items. 

G. All items on the inventory are to be identified by a serial number, label number, name or description, where acquired, date acquired, value (original cost or historical estimate), location, expected life, and disposal. 

H. Inventory procedures are to be correlated with the purchasing, encumbrance, receiving, distribution, relocation, and disposal procedures in a manner that will ensure that newly acquired items will be added to the inventory. 

Cross Reference: 
DN – School Properties Disposition 

Adopted: June 13, 1995
Revised: May 13, 2003
Revised: November 10, 2009

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