BG School Board Policy Process


The School Board considers policy development its chief function. 

It is the intent of the School Board to develop written policies to serve as the framework for the successful and efficient functioning of the school unit. 

The School Board accepts the definition of policy set forth by the National School Boards Association: 

School Board policies are statements that set forth the purposes and prescribe in general terms the organization and program of a school system. They create a framework within which the Superintendent and the staff can discharge their assigned duties with positive direction. They tell what is wanted. They may also indicate why and how much. Policies should define clearly the goals and objectives of the school system, allow for the flexibility that is vital in day-to-day operations, reflect the board’s vision, define roles and responsibilities (who is supposed to do what), and include measurable outcomes. 

It is the School Board’s intention that its policies serve as sources of information and guidance for people who are interested in or connected with the schools. 

The policies of the school unit are framed and are meant to be interpreted in terms of federal and state statutes, rules of the State Board of Education and Department of Education and other regulatory agencies within the local, county, state and federal government. The policies are also framed and are meant to be interpreted in terms of those educational objectives, procedures and practices which are broadly accepted by leaders and authorities in the public education field. 

Changes in needs, conditions, purposes and objectives will require revisions, deletions and additions to the policies of the current School Board and those of the future. The School Board will welcome suggestions for ongoing policy development. 

The development of draft policies shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent. 

Action on School Board policy proposals will be taken by the Board.

Cross Reference:    
BG-R – Policy Adoption Procedure

Adopted: April 10, 1990
Revised: April 8, 2003
Reviewed: October 28, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4