BEDF Voting Method


A motion shall be declared “Carried” upon the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present, unless otherwise required by law or Board policy. 

All votes shall be recorded in the minutes. 

Voting shall ordinarily be by a show of hands. If a vote by show of hands differs by fewer than three votes, a documented weighted vote shall be required. If the difference is three or greater, the Chair shall declare the vote unless documentation of a weighted vote is requested by any member of the Board. The votes of members shall be weighted in accordance with policy BB. 

Voting shall be done by roll call at the discretion of the Chair or at the request of any Board member. When voting by roll call, the names of the members shall be called alphabetically and each member shall respond “Yes,” “No,” or “Not Voting.” All votes shall be recorded in the minutes. 

At each and every call of a vote, each member is free to vote his mind without restraint from previous voting or abstention. 

Maine public officials are obliged to vote openly. Therefore, the Board will not use secret ballots at any time. 

Cross Reference:        BEDFA – Abstentions 

Adopted: April 10, 1990
Revised: March 8, 1994; April 8, 2003
Reviewed: October 28, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4