BDG School Attorney/Legal Services


The Board recognizes that the increasing complexity of school unit operations frequently requires procurement of professional legal services. Therefore, the Board shall designate an attorney and/or law firm to provide such services on an ongoing basis. The school attorney(s) shall be admitted to practice law in Maine. The Board reserves the right to obtain legal services outside of its designated attorney/law firm as deemed appropriate. 

A decision to seek legal advice or assistance on behalf of the school unit shall normally be made by the Superintendent or Board Chair in accordance with Board policy and when an obvious need exists. Such services may also be obtained as a consequence of a formal vote of the Board. 

Legal services required by the school unit may include, but not be limited to: 

A. Providing general legal advice to the Board and/or administration; 
B. Assisting with labor negotiations;
C. Assisting with personnel matters;
D. Assisting with expulsions and other student disciplinary matters;
E. Conduct and/or assist with pending or actual litigation involving the school unit;
F. Other specialized legal services; and
G. Attendance at Board meetings or other activities as appropriate.

Many types of legal services are considered routine and do not require specific Board approval. However, when the Superintendent concludes that the potential for significant legal expenditure exists or under other unusual circumstances, he/she shall inform the Board at an appropriate point in the process. The Board may take action on such matters as appropriate.

Adopted: April 8, 2003
Reviewed: October 19, 2009

M.S.A.D. #4