BDA Board Organizational Meeting


Reorganization shall be effected at the regular meeting of the Board in April. At this meeting, there will be an election for the ensuing year of a Chair and Vice-Chair. 

The meeting will be called to order by the Superintendent, who shall preside until such time as the Chair is elected. Nominations shall be made from the floor and, if more than one candidate is nominated, election shall require a majority of the weighted vote (500). Should no candidate receive a majority vote, the election shall be declared null and void and nominations reopened. 

Following the election, the Chair shall preside during the election of the Vice-Chair and remaining business. The Vice-Chair shall be elected by the same method as the Chair. 

Removal of the Chair or Vice-Chair prior to the next re-organizational meeting shall require a 3/5 weighted vote of the Board. 

At the re-organizational meeting, the Board Chair shall appoint members of the Board to standing committees. Each committee shall elect its own Chair. The Board Chair shall appoint members of the Board to any advisory/temporary committees. All committees shall be comprised of less than a majority of the Board. 

The Board shall elect members to serve on the negotiations committee and in representative capacity to vocational-technical, regional, and other boards and/or committees requiring District representation. 

Legal Reference:          20-A MRSA § 1251 

Cross Reference:          BDB - Board Officers
  BDE - Board Standing Committees 

Adopted: April 10, 1990
Revised: April 8, 2003 
Reviewed: October 19, 2009 

M.S.A.D. #4