BBBAB Student Representatives to the S.A.D. # 4 Board of Directors


The SAD #4 Board of Directors recognizes that its decisions directly affect the students attending PCHS. 

In order to provide an opportunity for input and involvement, the board shall invite the PCHS Student Council to designate two of its students to serve as representatives to the board subject to the provisions of this policy. 

Two student representatives, each from separate graduating classes, will be elected by the PCHS Student Council using a simple majority vote in an election held by October 1st of each year. In a year where there are no students from separate graduation classes seeking election, both representatives may be from the same class. If a student representative position becomes vacant, the PCHS Student Council will elect another member to serve in that capacity for the remainder of the fiscal year term. 

Student representatives are subject to the following additional provisions
  1. Student representatives shall be seated with SAD #4 Board Members and may participate in discussion during regular board meetings, special board meetings, and board workshops to represent the views of their peers. 
  2. Student representatives may be appointed by the School Board Chair to a standing committee of the board as an ex-officio member. 
  3. Student representatives may be appointed to advisory committees by the board. 
  4. No substitute shall be allowed to serve instead of the student representative at any meeting. 
  5. Student representatives shall adhere to SAD #4 by-laws, policies, and regulations, including the Board Member Code of Ethics. Failure to do so may result in suspension or revocation of the privilege of serving as a representative to the SAD #4 School Board. 
  6. Student representatives may not make or second motions. 
  7. Student representatives may vote on any question. The vote will be recorded but will not count toward the final tally. 
  8. Student representatives do not count toward determining whether a quorum exits. 
  9. Student representatives may not receive any compensation for attending board meetings. 
  10. Student representatives may not participate in any executive session of the SAD #4 School Board. 
  11. Student representatives shall not have access to confidential materials including but not limited to those prepared in anticipation of executive session. 
  12. Student representatives may not participate in negotiations with any bargaining units of SAD #4 or in discussion or deliberation concerning the hiring, evaluation, compensation or other matters related to the employment of any personnel. 

Cross Reference: 
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BCA – Board Member Code of Ethics
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BEDH – Public Participation at School Committee Meetings

Adopted: March 14, 2006
Reviewed: October 19, 2009
Revised: November 13, 2007, January 10, 2017

M.S.A.D. #4