B. Board Governance and Operations

The school board: how it is elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings; and how it operates. This section includes policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.

 BB  School Board Legal Status
 BBA  School Board Powers and Responsibilities
 BBAA  Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
 BBBA  Board Member Qualifications
 BBBAB  Student Representatives to the S.A.D. # 4 Board of Directors
 BBBDA  Board-Declared Vacancy Caused by Absenteeism
 BBBE  Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
 BCA  Board Member Code of Ethics
 BCB  Board Member Conflict of Interest
 BCC  Nepotism
 BDA  Board Organizational Meeting
 BDB  Board Officers
 BDD  Board-Superintendent Relationship
 BDE  Board Standing Committees
 BDF  Advisory Committees to the Board
 BDG  School Attorney/Legal Services
 BE  School Board Meetings
 BEA  School Board Use of Electronic Mail (Email)
 BEC  Executive Sessions
 BEC-E  Executive Session Law
 BEDA  Notification of Board Meetings
 BEDB  Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
 BEDBA  Agenda Format
 BEDC  Quorum
 BEDD  Rules of Order
 BEDF  Voting Method
 BEDFA  Abstentions
 BEDG  Minutes
 BEDH  Public Participation at Board Meetings
 BEDI  Board Relations with the Media
 BEDL  Adjournment of Board Meetings
 BG  School Board Policy Process
 BG-R  Policy Adoption Procedure
 BHC  Board Communications with Staff
 BIA  New Board Member Orientation
 BIB  Board Member Development Opportunities
 BIC  Board Member Freedom of Access Training
 BIC-E  Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training
 BID  Board Member Compensation and Expense